Hitomi Naganuma, PhD, MPH, is a clinical psychologist in “JB Line, Inc.” (nonprofit organization to support the Japanese community in the New England area) in Lexington, MA, and “With-Kids” (Global Web-Counseling Group) in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Naganuma’s passion is to work for NPOs that reach out to the Japanese people in the world. Her research focuses on psychosocial effects of social capital on the ethnic minorities, effectiveness of the virtual social capital, and violence prevention. She also works for Japanese companies, “JEAP Peacemind, Inc.” (Japanese EAP company) and “Sangikyo Corporation” (Japanese business firm). She conducts on-the-job training workshops (e.g., anger management and self awareness using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) and consults with the Human Resources Department when it finds employees who cannot work efficiently because of psychological issues. She also investigates strategies on how to continue female employees’ career paths.